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Rent Black Diamond Bouldering Pads, Five Ten Climbing Shoes, MSR Snowshoes and MSR Trekking Poles at GearHeads Outdoor Stores, located in beautiful Moab, Utah.  All rentals are subject to availability and require a valid Credit Card for deposit.

Bouldering Pads

Black Diamond Impact

The Black Diamond Impact is a great all-around crash pad for everyday bouldering. With its' fold up design and built in shoulder straps, the Impact Crash Pad is easy to transport and store.

Dimensions: 39" x 45" x 4"

Rate: $10 per day.

Black Diamond Mondo

The Black Diamond Mondo is the choice high ball crash pad. The Mondo Crash Pad features four corner handles for quick manuerering between problems and a larger, thicker footprint than the Impact. Similar to the Impact Crash Pad, the Mondo also features a fold up design with shoulder straps for easy transport and storage.

Dimensions: 44" x 65" x 5"

Rate: $13 per day.

Climbing Shoes

Whether you are heading out to Wall Street or Big Bend, GearHeads offers a selection of Five Ten climbing shoes for rock climbing or bouldering in the Moab area. Childrens and Adult sizes are available.

Sizes: 2 - 15

Rate: $7 per day.


The Manti-La Sal National Forest offers a great opportunity to try out snowshoeing during the winter months in the Moab area. GearHeads offers MSR Ascent Snowshoes for rent, so you can get out and try something new during the off season. Both childrens and adult sizes are available.

Rate: $7 per day.

Trekking Poles

Save some wear and tear on your knees and ankles with trekking poles. If you need some extra support for hiking or backpacking, GearHeads can help you out with MSR Surelock Trekking Poles. With the collapsible two piece design, these poles are lightweight and easy to pack or carry.

Rate: $3 per day.

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